“Dr. Englund is amazing! Chronic neck pain gone after one treatment. I’ve had acupuncture before but my treatment here was remarkable. Felt better immediately after treatment!”


Morro Bay

“Because of a work related injury to my low back, I had been unable to sleep for more than a few hours at night. I was a grump and felt like I was an old man! My girlfriend insisted that I try acupuncture and after only two treatment most of the stiffness was gone and the range of motion was nearly back to normal. Best of all, I was able to sleep comfortably at night! Now, after only six treatments, I am at last pain free! Amazing! I’m back to work again! Thanks Dr. Englund!”


Paso Robles

“I suffered from sciatic pain for 2 years. I tried many different types of therapies, but the pain persisted. Finally, I tried acupuncture. After the very first treatment, my pain had already nearly subsided. Four treatments later, I am pain-free because of Dr. Englund. Not only that, she empowered me by teaching me what to do if I ever feel the pain coming back!”


San Luis Obispo

“My neck was severely painful after my car accident. Someone told me about acupuncture and Dr. Englund and despite my needle fears, I tried it. No big deal! I barely felt the needles and I had significant relief from my pain after only one treatment, then it only took a few more treatments to resolve the pain. I am so grateful.”


Los Osos

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