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Detox Programs

East West Natural Medicine Center offers Medical Detoxification Programs to optimize your health and help you lose weight.

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Detox Programs San Luis ObispoJumpstart Your Health Routine

Lose weight and detoxify your body to increase vitality and optimize health. Our medical detox programs combine a generous menu of whole foods with medical-grade supplements designed by Dr. Julianna Englund.

Common Questions Answered:

Why should I detox?

Our bodies accumulate toxins from the foods we eat and from our environment.  Toxicants:

–       Can damage any target tissue and interfere with body systems and development.
–       Many are known carcinogens, linked to cancer.
–       Deplete the body’s protective factors for maintaining health making disease more likely.
–       Cause inflammation, fatigue and digestion problems, minor aches and pains.
–       Often stored in fat cells.

Dedicating yourself to a detoxification program allows your body to take a break from digesting/processing what you consume and instead focus its energy on removing toxic substances from the body.  East West’s medical detoxification programs enhance your body’s detox systems, including the liver, kidneys, digestion and skin.  This helps you lose weight, lower your risk for disease, increase your energy and improving your overall health.

How often and when should I detox?

How often you cleanse is really up to you.  Ideally, people should do a short cleanse once per season or a long Detox program 1-2 times per year, particularly during the spring and fall.  The best time of all however, is to cleanse when your body is giving you signs that its systems are sluggish.  The symptoms of this could be digestive disturbance like constipation, fatigue, bloating, unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight, skin rashes or itching, headaches, insomnia, etc. A cleanse is also very appropriate after a period of overindulgence.  I often suggest that my patients enjoy a cleanse at the start of the New Year to clear out the sludge from the holidays.

Will I not feel good during the detox?

Most people feel tired and hungry at the beginning of the detox program.  This is a result of low calorie consumption and your body detoxifying.  However, many report not only losing weight but also feeling a major energy boost by the middle or the end.

Depending on your toxic load, you may notice some discomforts as a result of your body pushing toxins out and into your system faster than it can eliminate them.  That’s why we offer our gentle 21 Day Medical Detox and 8 Day Medical Cleanse programs, we encourage slow elimination of the toxins so you will feel great throughout and when you finish. In fact most people feel so good, that they choose to continue eating the way they do on the detox program and continue optimizing their health!

What type of medical detoxification program is right for me?

  • Both East West’s 8-day and 21-day detox programs focus on minimizing new toxin exposure coming into the body and maximize moving toxins out.
  • If your time is limited, we suggest our 8-day medical cleanse.  This cleanse puts you on a clean, simple and low calorie diet that includes a 1-2 days vegetable juice fast.   Also included are highest quality supplements to optimize your digestion and liver detoxification processes.  You will likely lose a few pounds and feel more energized.
  • If you’re looking to jump start your weight loss program or start a healthy diet, we suggest our 21 day medical detox program.  This program incorporates an anti-inflammatory and low calorie diet, high quality detox supplements and home care routines all designed to help your body shed some pounds and push out harmful toxins.


Prices include whole-food, medical grade supplements and a workbook with our detox plan outline, directions, recipes and supportive home therapy outlines.

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