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Enhancing Your Vitality

In this newsletter, Dr. Julianna Englund, ND, LAc shares the perfect recipe combining Diet, Lifestyle, and Exercise to enhance your vitality and discover optimal health. Read/Print/Download the Enhancing your Vitality newsletter. As a Naturopathic doctor, I often make specific dietary plans for my patients based on their particular health concerns, but some general healthful guidelines…   Read The Full Article →

Holiday Detox Programs

At East West Natural Medicine Center, our 8-day and 21-day detox programs focus on minimizing new toxin exposure coming into the body and maximize moving toxins out. People have detoxified and cleansed their bodies since the beginning of time to improve their health. In today’s toxic environment, protecting yourself by removing these poisons has become more…   Read The Full Article →

Guidelines For Healthy Nutrition

People ask me all the time, “Dr. Englund, what is a healthy diet” and “What do you think about such-and-such diet”? All to often I hear about or read about another trendy diet: The Atkin’s Diet, The Paleo Diet, The Dukan Diet, The Raw Food Diet, etc… The list goes on and on. No wonder…   Read The Full Article →

Acupuncture – Amazing benefits for health and wellness

By Julianna Englund Early Chinese medical experts discovered acupuncture as a solution for various physical ailments. Acupuncture was seen for the first time in Europe just about 300 years ago, however, it took until close to the twenty first century before acupuncture received popular appeal in the US and various other “western” countries. Along with…   Read The Full Article →

SLO and Acupuncture

San Luis Obispo and acupuncture share the idea of a balanced life.  According to Dan Buettner, in his book, “Thrive,” San Luis Obispo is one of the “happiest” places in the world because people take the time to exercise, volunteer, and socialize, besides work. In acupuncture, the goal of any treatment is to assist the…   Read The Full Article →

Welcome To East West Medical Center

At the East West Natural Medicine Center, we provide comprehensive alternative health care. Our clinic offers the only acupuncturists in San Luis Obispo that are also doctors. We integrate Western, Naturopathic and Eastern medicines to provide symptomatic relief and to correct the underlying causes of health imbalance. We individually treat, educate and empower each client…   Read The Full Article →


We focus on your overall health and well-being. We will teach and inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle: a cornerstone for disease prevention.

Do No Harm

We utilize the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies.

The Healing Power Of Nature

We trust in your body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself.

Treat The Whole Person

We view your body as an integrated whole in all its physical, mental-emotional and spiritual dimensions.

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1415 Higuera Street
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Phone: 805.543.8958


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