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Acupuncture – Amazing benefits for health and wellness

By Julianna Englund

Early Chinese medical experts discovered acupuncture as a solution for various physical ailments. Acupuncture was seen for the first time in Europe just about 300 years ago, however, it took until close to the twenty first century before acupuncture received popular appeal in the US and various other “western” countries. Along with this acceptance, the medical and professional society has been involved in research on many aspects of acupuncture.

Acupuncture consists of inserting thin, specialized needles just slightly into the skin at very specific locations. Early and modern Chinese texts state that a wide variety of ailments can be treated. Exactly where the acupuncture needles are put is clearly outlined according to Chinese medical theory. However, the acupuncture points occur in special places of the body called meridian lines. Meridians are the energetic pathways that are essential for life and health, and energy has to flow unimpeded between them.

San Luis Obispo Acupuncture

As per acupuncture texts, it is the obstruction, or increased resistance, of energy at a location that brings about particular medical complications. When the needles are inserted, the result is a return to balanced energy passage. Pain caused by other conditions can be reduced using the same process. There are a lot of people who go through acupuncture treatments on a regular basis to control pain linked to a particular condition. Acupuncture can be used in lieu of drugs for pain relief for those that are sensitive to pain medication or for those who wish to use an alternative to drugs for pain treatment.

Acupuncture can be efficient for managing stress as well as reducing the pain of headaches that can result from it. Those who suffer from migraine headaches report good success with acupuncture. This procedure can be very safe and sound but only when administered by someone who is properly trained with the right credentials.

For San Luis Obispo acupuncture, local SLO county residents turn to East West Natural Medicine Center located in the heart of San Luis Obispo on Higuera Street. With both experience and a passion for acupuncture and Chinese medicine, East West Natural Medicine Center is the place locals trust the most for acupuncture and naturopathic medicines.  They combine both western medicine and eastern medicine to provide the proper relief for your specific symptoms.

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San Luis Obispo Acupuncture

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